Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hard working Rafeal Velazco on the job.

Rafeal Velazco April 2014


The nine points of ethical conduct developed by the NPPA all have a common goal: 

To conduct photojournalism with honor, integrity, accuracy, unbiased truthfulness, transparency, and respect to the subjects being photographed.

Item number three, to be complete and provide context, avoid stereotyping, and recognize and avoid one's own biases, stands out as a solid foundation for these codes. 

    1. Next, look at the list under "Ideally, photojournalists should ...” Again, pick the item that most stands out for you and EXPLAIN WHY you think it matters.

The use of the term "strive for" goes hand in hand with what photojournalists ideally should do and be in regards to their work. Item number seven highlights this by stating that "striving by example and influence to maintain the spirit and high standards set in the code of ethics", photojournalists can be counted on to present complete, unbiased and factual information.

  1. Write about an EXAMPLE that illustrates one of the principles you highlighted from the NPPA Code of Ethics.

If a photojournalist has strong opinions or belief systems how can the information or story being presented be trusted to be the accurate facts....?

For example, I have a very strong, adamant belief in a woman's right to a safe and legal abortion. If I were to write a story regarding this topic, it would require great effort on my part to present both sides of this legal (and some say moral) issue with no bias. I'm not saying it cannot be done. That is where the NPPA code of ethics would need to be utilized, and practiced.
I am happy to have the opportunity to compliment several of my fellow class mates on some of their recent photos submitted in the class blogs. I actually had already started poking around in them before knowing it would be an assignment. 

I have gotten to the age where I know not to compare myself with others. I find that someone always loses in a better than/less than situation. I genuinely enjoy and learn from others and their work and am grateful for the many opportunities that affords.

This photo taken by Alyssa Campbell just came at me full force . The use of gray scale gives it an impact that is then balanced by the simplicity of a human hand. It tells a whole story in one shot.

This photo taken by Elliot Marshall  demonstrates to me a knowledge of the camera as well as the final intention of the picture. He knew exactly what he was doing. While the background is blurry the message is clear!

Well Done Alyssa and Elliot 
                                                 and THANKS!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Feature Story Fact Check 

Nicki Sinfield is one of the main persons that is highlighted in the feature story on the LBCC Horse Center. I have followed up with her to review the story and to take more photos.
She is a very enthusiastic and generous girl to accommodate my requests.

The fact checking is still in progress. It is important to review the written article with Jenny Strooband, the program director and instructor. To be continued......


Up for review

Even though there are some very serious events happening in the world, it is okay to stop and take a break. Something fun to help that along is a cool, creamy, and refreshing bowl of tasty frozen yogurt.

Julie Wink is the co-owner of the Lime Berry Frozen Yogurt shop on Pacific Blvd near the LBCC campus. She is the main reference source for my review of the shop. Her co-owner is Becky (?...need to verify her last name)

And lucky me I am the third source. Since there are 10-15 flavors to choose from I have had to make several trips to taste test the product! 

While not the most exciting place to hang out or the latest IT band or movie, it is an enjoyable place to cool off as the days warm up. 

One Subject - Three Views 

OVERALL a very large dirt digger

One half of a MEDIUM dirt digger

Hydraulic cables CLOSE UP on dirt digger

What I consider to be my best and worst photojournalism class blog shots 

Honestly, I am a bit discouraged at my seemingly utter lack of technical skill or effective framing when trying to take pictures for the class assignments. That said, I will refocus ( hahaha) on keeping a bird by bird attitude (See the book by Anne Lamont ).


The photo that least disturbs me and even makes a tiny twitchy movement at the side of my mouth is Taylor Shannon at her pizza oven station in the LBCC cafeteria. 

I enjoyed the assignment and meeting Taylor. Seeing her eyes sparkle in the photo just made me feel good about it. 

There are several technical elements that could have been done better. For example, a different shutter speed so her paddle is not blurred. But the bottom line is it is a pretty girl with a happy smile and that is what really counts ( to me ) for now.....


Horses Butts. Horses butts seen from far away.

My father had some colorful cuss words, one of which was most people who didn't drive like him were a horse's ass. 

    "Under the Grandstand" by Seymour Butts.