Friday, April 15, 2016


Up for review

Even though there are some very serious events happening in the world, it is okay to stop and take a break. Something fun to help that along is a cool, creamy, and refreshing bowl of tasty frozen yogurt.

Julie Wink is the co-owner of the Lime Berry Frozen Yogurt shop on Pacific Blvd near the LBCC campus. She is the main reference source for my review of the shop. Her co-owner is Becky (?...need to verify her last name)

And lucky me I am the third source. Since there are 10-15 flavors to choose from I have had to make several trips to taste test the product! 

While not the most exciting place to hang out or the latest IT band or movie, it is an enjoyable place to cool off as the days warm up. 

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