Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week Two Review Ideas

Frozen Yogurt may not be the most exciting of a topic for a review. However, I found a place near the LBCC campus, called LimeBerry that is a bit unique in the frozen yogurt world.

Another review I am interested in doing is on the book, "The Rosie Project", by Australian Graeme Simpson. It is the debut novel about a man with autism, whose life is upended by the meeting of a woman named Rosie.

Reviews are personal. No matter if the writer is trying to explain something to a large audience, it is still something that comes from a personal perspective.

Here is a review of a similar type of book entitled "The Summer Before The War", written by Helen Simpson.

While the story starts out simple and infused with place and time and weather, with snappy dialogue and witty remarks, the reviewer soon lets the reader know that things are more serious and difficult.
I wanted very much to go to this little place, walk about and see what the reviewer tells us might be found there. I also know that life is not always that way, gentle and kind, and cared about what might be happening to the characters.

I was drawn into this review because without revealing the plot twists, it still told me what the book was about. The reviewer explained a bit of the setting and even gives some characterization examples, while keeping the reader wondering. As a potential reader of the book, I want to feel confident that I am interested in the book or subject yet able to explore its depths on my own.
The review gives a quote from the book that offers that kind of information.

"The contrast between pastoral peace and the violent chaos of war is what gives this novel its heft."

The most notable aspect of reviewing a book review showed me that it is not a book report. The reader does not want to know the details, plot twists and or even worse, the ending. They just want to know if possibly they might find it among their particular interests and then read it for themselves.

I look forward to reading this book!

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