Friday, April 1, 2016

Feature Writing Equestrian Center @ LBCC

Was pleasantly surprised to learn that LBCC has an equestrian center 1.5 miles from the Albany campus.

Why ( and when )  was the center originally established? What was the intention?
How does the center help and educate students about horses?
Does the center actually give grades?
Do the horses belong to the students or to the school or both?
Who takes care of the animals? What is their daily life like at the center?
How is the center financed?

Jenny Srooband interview and then have her refer me to some of her students.

NUT GRAF  Though the Albany campus is located in an area central to many rural farms and agricultural small business, an equestrian center is a uncommon feature at a community college. It is in fact rather unique.

My goals and plans are to obtain a Journalism degree. I wish to develop all the skills associated with non-fiction writing and photography. The use of the AP style will be new to me even though I have and continue to be an avid newspaper reader.

Then there is my fantasy of living on a sailboat with my dog Skye and my husband Philip while cruising around tropical reef islands, observing, studying, photographing and writing stories on the natural history and then having them published ( and maybe even paid for it!)

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