Friday, April 15, 2016

What I consider to be my best and worst photojournalism class blog shots 

Honestly, I am a bit discouraged at my seemingly utter lack of technical skill or effective framing when trying to take pictures for the class assignments. That said, I will refocus ( hahaha) on keeping a bird by bird attitude (See the book by Anne Lamont ).


The photo that least disturbs me and even makes a tiny twitchy movement at the side of my mouth is Taylor Shannon at her pizza oven station in the LBCC cafeteria. 

I enjoyed the assignment and meeting Taylor. Seeing her eyes sparkle in the photo just made me feel good about it. 

There are several technical elements that could have been done better. For example, a different shutter speed so her paddle is not blurred. But the bottom line is it is a pretty girl with a happy smile and that is what really counts ( to me ) for now.....


Horses Butts. Horses butts seen from far away.

My father had some colorful cuss words, one of which was most people who didn't drive like him were a horse's ass. 

    "Under the Grandstand" by Seymour Butts.

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