Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am happy to have the opportunity to compliment several of my fellow class mates on some of their recent photos submitted in the class blogs. I actually had already started poking around in them before knowing it would be an assignment. 

I have gotten to the age where I know not to compare myself with others. I find that someone always loses in a better than/less than situation. I genuinely enjoy and learn from others and their work and am grateful for the many opportunities that affords.

This photo taken by Alyssa Campbell just came at me full force . The use of gray scale gives it an impact that is then balanced by the simplicity of a human hand. It tells a whole story in one shot.

This photo taken by Elliot Marshall  demonstrates to me a knowledge of the camera as well as the final intention of the picture. He knew exactly what he was doing. While the background is blurry the message is clear!

Well Done Alyssa and Elliot 
                                                 and THANKS!

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