Friday, April 15, 2016

   Two possible sources for the environmental portrait                                 and mug shot assignment

Environmnetal Portriat # One

Rafael Valazco is the owner and operator of Valazco's Lawn Service.

Every Wednesday he arrives at my house to mow the lawn, trim bushes and trees, and weed the flower beds. He does this with out fail, no matter the weather.

He has a bright yellow enclosed trailer that he pulls behind his pick up truck full of yard care equipment. The red lettering boldly proclaims his business name and information.

He works hard, gets dirty and always has earplugs on. He is a bit gruff looking but when he smiles he has dimples and beautiful straight white teeth. 

He allowed me to take some pictures of him riding one of his lawn mowers (he was insistent on using that particular one even though it is too big for out little yard. He pulled it out of the trailer specifically for me to shoot him on it). 

The mug shot was taken against the side of his yellow trailer. 
It was a good background that highlighted his olive colored skin and dark black hair. 

Environmental Portrait # Two 

I am very keen to do my main environmental portrait on a person who makes their living fishing. I have contacted several fishing charter boat companies in Yachats, on the Oregon coast, with my request. 

On Sunday, accompanied by my faithful dog Skye, I will off to the coast to see what photos I can obtain! 
I believe we will have many types of props to choose from. The boat itself and also rods, reels, and other various equipment used for ocean boat fishing.

Even though I learned that environmental portraits do not mean to take photos of someone outside in nature, both of my choices seem to reflect that anyway. However, it is with a more specific end in mind to shoot a poised portrait reflecting a persons job or passion.

Ahoy matey!

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