Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 2 Topic Two Finding Feature leads....

Taken from page 79 in the PHOTO Journalism textbook by Kenneth Korbe`:

1. Get on the mailing lists of organizations- the more the obscure the better! 
When potential free advertising comes their way, most business's, organizations, clubs and groups are more than happy to provide requested information about themselves. Then I would follow up and show up!

2. Take the time to stop ( whatever you are doing, driving, walking, flying, ect.) if you see a situation that lends itself to a feature. 

Maybe I am a busy body, or nosy, or just care about what is going on around me. Perhaps I am highly tuned to some electrical pulse that seems to make me notice odd details and then wonder how or why it is that way. Or I simply just appreciate it for what ever it is. Nonetheless, I have been known to ask questions. A lot of questions. 

MY PLAN TO FIND FEATURES by this method is to be myself! Only more so! By doing more follow up to my curious nature, I already am encountering new opportunities and situations in which to ask people questions about themselves, which, with an open mind and a polite friendly nature, can take me to some unexpected places...

The other thing I really need to do is be able to shoot early morning and evening. So, another part of my plan will be to go out during these times and look for photo story leads.

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