Friday, April 1, 2016

All About Me...oh brother!

Not ever having any children I have been free to roam and that I have done. Road Trip is one of my favorite words! I started early, from beach and mountain  camping ( with my parents) to becoming a certified scuba diver when I was 17 yrs old.
In search of that next dive I have traveled to many tropical marine environments. Bonaire, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras, BVI'S, Florida, Mexico, CA, Indonesia, Australia and Hawaii. Almost all of these trips were taken with my husband who is a college science teacher specializing in marine environments. In 2008 we moved to Australia for 3 years, then returned to the "States" for 3 years on the Big Island of Hawaii. Now we are here in Corvallis where my husband took a job at OSU developing and delivering on-line science courses.

Of course traveling requires photographing so I have done my fair share of point and shoot. Also some underwater stuff, which is quite challenging but so much fun!

Goals for the photo journalism class would not be complete without more instruction and practice at using the camera off of the AUTO mode!
Being able to tell a story with a picture, not just capture a moment or place in time.
And having the access to new information, tips, ideas and anything that contributes to increased proficiency is something I appreciate.

Selecting someone to interview for the profile assignment will be a good opportunity for close up photos.
Any excuse to photograph all things nature is good enough for me. The challenge will be to get people in action into those photos.
The diesel and mechanical equipment areas seems like a good opportunity for some interesting photos.

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